Become a Christmas Elf!

How does it work?
What makes The Elf Project for a Child’s Christmas possible is donations from individuals and organizations and volunteers who accompany parents on a shopping trip for their kids. The Elf Project is completely volunteer-based, and we rely on the time and financial resources of our donor/shoppers. As an Elf volunteer, you will see first-hand that your donation goes directly to Christmas gifts for children in need.
We also accept financial donations from individuals, as well as corporate donors. Monetary donations of any size are welcome. To make sure these additional funds are made available to our applicant families, we need and welcome additional volunteer shoppers who will be reimbursed from donated funds after shopping with an applicant.
It doesn’t take much. We only ask for a commitment of $50 per child and/or about an hour of time to meet and shop with a parent. That $50 is the difference between Christmas and no Christmas for our applicant families.
Applicants are recommended by Knoxville area pastors, community service organizations such as The Compassion Coalition and Good Shepherd, Health providers such as Helen Ross McNabb, and government funded organizations such as Head Start and Families First.

Join us as an Elf volunteer!

 You can help bring Christmas home by joining The Elf Project as a volunteer (you must be 18 or older). The relief and happiness this brings to our families is matched by the satisfaction our volunteer Elves feel. This shopping outing can be one of the best experiences you have this Christmas. (See Comments page!)

There are two ways to become an Elf:

Donor/Shopper Elves:

Donor/Shopper Elves agree to spend $50 per child in a given family. Whether you shop for a family with one child, or a family with 6 children, you will know you are bringing joy to those parents and children. You decide! You can volunteer as an individual, a couple, or with a friend or family member.

If you have the resources to shop, we welcome you and encourage you to sign up. The generosity of your time and money is a great gift to another family. The time commitment is about one hour of shopping per family, frequently less.

Shopper Elves:

Shopper Elves are those who have extra time and are willing to shop with donated funds for a family applicant. The time commitment is about one hour of shopping per family, frequently less.
We always need Shopper Elves! Even if you do not have the extra funds to be a Donor/Shopper, we welcome you as a Shopper Elf (you must be 18 or older). We need you! Don’t hesitate! The generosity of your time is a great gift to a family and to making our project work.

 If you are ready to join us as an Elf volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer form and we’ll help you get started!