The Elf Project for A Child’s Christmas
Bringing Christmas home for children and families


The Elf Project for A Child’s Christmas is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents provide a family Christmas experience for their children. Our Elf volunteers donate their time and financial resources to go Christmas shopping with a parent who needs help providing presents for his or her children.

With donated funds, the Elf volunteer provides the money and the parent gets to enjoy choosing the presents: clothes, toys, maybe a basketball or a doll. On Christmas morning, kids open gifts chosen by their parents – providing an experience where children and family are the center of Christmas.

Founded by Director Sandra McEntire in 2003, The Elf Project for a Child’s Christmas has grown slowly but steadily, often simply by word of mouth. We assist families in Knox, Loudon, and Monroe Counties; in 2016, we helped provide a family Christmas for 256 children in 101 families!

How is The Elf Project different from other charities?

  • You see that your money is going directly to children and families in need.
  • You get to know the individuals you and your money will help.
  • You participate personally in the charitable effort to help others.
  • You help a family have a real Christmas evening or morning.
  • You keep the true meaning of Christmas alive by your generosity.
  • You give yourself a gift by helping create a family Christmas experience for others.

Want to help? Sign up on the Volunteer Page to be an Elf shopper!!!


Partners and supporters for 2017:

St. John XXIII Catholic University Parish

Embroiderers Group of America, Knoxville Chapter



See our Comments page for first-hand accounts of shopping.